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The Canadian Securities Administrator (CSA) pilot program for SEDAR+ begins this month and will end in August. SEDAR+ is a web-based platform for filing, disclosing and searching information in Canada’s capital markets, replacing local electronic and paper format filing systems.

The transition to SEDAR+ will occur over multiple phases, starting with phase 1 due to go live later this year:

  1. Phase 1 - migration of Cease Trade Order (CTO) database, Disciplines List (DL) database, SEDAR securities filing system and exempt market filing systems. Different users will begin using the platform in Phase 1, including underwriters that make exempt distributions, investment fund managers that operate fund issuers, corporate issuers; and applicants for exemptive relief that seek relief from issuer regulations.

  2. Phase 2 - migration of System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI)

  3. Phase 3 - migration of the National Registration Database (NRD) and National Registration Search to SEDAR+ (NRD)

The CSA has published an FAQ available here.

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