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On October 18, the Canadian Securities Regulators (CSA) released for public comments Proposed National Instrument 51‑107 ‑ Disclosure of Climate‑Related Matters (the “Proposed Instrument”) and its companion policy.

The aim is to provide ‘mandatory climate-related disclosures that provide consistent, comparable and decision-useful information to market participants’.

The Proposed Instrument will be applicable to reporting issuers except reporting issuers that are

  • Investment funds

  • Issuers of an asset-backed security

  • Designated foreign issuers or SEC foreign issuers

  • Certain exchangeable security issuers

  • Certain credit support issuers

Concerned reporting issuers would have to comply with

  • Climate-related Governance Disclosure Requirements through Form 51-107A

  • Climate-related Strategy, Risk Management and Metrics and Targets Disclosure Requirements through Form 51‑107B which should also include, among others, the reporting standard used by the issuer to calculate and disclose the GHG emissions.

The disclosure requirements would be phased-in.

Comments are to be submitted in writing by January 17, 2022 at consultation-en-cours@lautorite.qc.ca or comment@osc.gov.on.ca

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