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On June 25, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) published its Statement of Priorities setting out four strategic goals for the coming year and the priority initiatives to support them.

1 - OSC’s key priorities relating to its goal of promoting confidence in Ontario’s capital markets among participants and investors include:

  • Implementation of client focused reforms to address conflicts of interest, investment suitability and clarity on products and services

  • Finalization of policy proposals restricting the use of mutual fund deferred sales charges and limiting sales practices that are harmful to investors

  • Improving retail investor experience and protection, contributing among others, to investor education and literacy and protecting older and vulnerable investors from exploitation

  • Continuing to expand systemic risk oversight, including by improving the quality of derivatives trade reporting and enhancing data analytics

  • Bringing timely and impactful enforcement actions, including new tools to increase use of data and analytics to support decision making and strengthen detection of harmful conduct

2 - OSC’s key priorities relating to its goal to reduce regulatory burden include the following actions:

  • Increasing transparency around processes

  • Providing greater clarity and flexibility on fulfilling regulatory requirements

  • Improving timelines for certain filings

  • Reducing duplication of requirements and improving communication

3 – OSC’s key priorities relating to its goal to facilitate financial innovation include:

  • Developing and Implementing multi-year plan for the Office of Economic Growth and Innovation, supporting accelerating innovation in financial services

  • Engaging with Fintech and Support Innovation in Capital Markets to modernize regulation for the benefit of Ontario businesses

4 – OSC’s key priorities relating to its goal to strengthen its organizational foundation, include:

  • Continuing to support the redevelopment of the CSA national systems (SEDAR)

  • Modernizing its technology platform

  • Ensuring competitiveness and clear service standards

  • Improving efficiency and regulatory responsiveness through internal innovation to enhance service

Taking into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and potential recommendation from the Capital Markets Modernization Task Force (operational since February 2020), the OSC anticipates to adjust and realign priorities where necessary.

The 2020-2021 Statement of Priorities can be found here:

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