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On June 22, the European Central Bank (ECB) opinion on a proposal for regulation on a pilot regime for market infrastructures based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

First released in April, the EBC opinion raised diverse points for further consideration and drew attention to these three aspects :

1 - Effects on monetary policy of

  • Applying of DLT in existing settlement ecosystem

  • A potential fragmentation in collateral and liquidity pools and eventual increase in commercial bank money

2 - Oversight and systemic/financial stability

  • Role of the ESCB in the area of securities settlement

  • Participation of natural persons in DLT market infrastructure

  • Settlement of payments in DLT market infrastructures

  • Settlement of payments in central bank money

  • Settlement of payments with persons that are not licensed as credit institutions

  • Risk management requirements applicable to banking-type ancillary services

  • Insolvency protections under the Settlement Finality Directive

  • Level playing field between operators of DLT market infrastructures

  • Exit strategy for operators of DLT market infrastructures and removal of DLT transferable securities from trading

  • Interplay with the proposed Markets in Crypto-assets regulation

3 - Prudential supervision

  • ECB powers concerning activities of credit institutions

  • Authorisation and exemption process of credit and non-credit institution operators alike

The proposal is part of the digital finance package aiming to support and enable the potential of digital finance. Read Ameis' summary in the Regfacts/Industry News & Trends.

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